Mathews House Show, 9/8/14

Photograph by Ellen Kelly


The Badlands

photo (2)

Illustration and painting by Amy Patton

The Badlands


sketch by Dr. John Evans, 1849

Sept 5th Fall Line Show w/ The Badlands


Fall Line Fest!


I’m playing on Friday at the November Theater from 6:45-7:15. Grant Hunnicutt, Nate Mathews, and Curtis Patton will be accompanying me. We’re taking votes for a backing band name…

Photos from Vassar set at ‘Blue Hearts’ Release

Photos by JSaulsky Photo. Jonathan Vassar and Curtis Patton at ‘Blue Hearts’ EP Release at The Camel, 7.20.2014

JSaulsky Photojvcp1

JSaulsky Photocp1

Saulsky Photojv1JSaulsky Photocp3

Saulsky Photojv-3

Saulsky Photojv-2

Show at Hardywood, 8.2.2014



Illustration by Tyler Thomas


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